(Psalm 119:97-104)

How many times have you asked God for wisdom? Did you think it was going to fall from the sky like rain and all you have to do is shower in it? Life would be so much better if we all had wisdom, understanding and insight.

Wisdom is connected with laws. God has established laws in nature such as weather, agriculture, and reproduction. When we follow those laws, we get the results intended. Plant corn to get corn, not tomatoes. God also established behavioral laws that operate the same way. To stay under God’s umbrella we need to follow his laws to honor Him and each other.

Obey the laws of the land is wisdom. Laws have been legislated and established in a land that allow you to live under the state’s umbrella. Do not abuse your children or spouse, do not drive recklessly, children must attend school, are all laws of the land. There is wisdom as you to observe these laws.

Obey authoritative commands. God says repent when you step out of line with Him. Authorities such as police, fire department, and courts are established for a community. If you obey their commands such as evacuate in fire danger, stay away from crime scene, or appear in court for a hearing, you will be operating in wisdom. Work harder, run away, or fight back does not make you wise. They just make things worse.

The way to Understanding is also through obedience. Precepts are general rules that are established for acceptable behaviors. A godly precept is to practice kindness. Other precepts in practical life are prepare a fire exit from your home, take water on a hike, or only park in handicap spaces if you are authorized.

Insight is deeper understanding of a situation or person gained by knowing and meditating on statutes or decrees that have been made for the community. “Blessed are the pure in heart” from The Beatitudes is a statute. God also says, “My plan for you are for good and not for evil.” If you meditate on that, you will be stable when something untoward happens. The Declaration of Independence is a statute that declares citizens of the USA have the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Statutes are for your benefit.







Keep laws

Do not make idols

Wear seat belts


Obey commands from authorities


Evacuate because of fire


Obey behavioral rules

Practice kindness

Form a line while waiting


Meditate on declarations

I am the Lord

One nation under God

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