About Bethany Projects

butterfly about bpThe threefold mission of Bethany Projects is to minister deliverance and freedom through the power of the cross of Jesus Christ; to mentor in Biblical principles applied to life choices;

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About Marcia

Marcia VoglMarcia Vogl has been involved in personal prayer ministry since 1992. She holds a BA, and an MS in music education, and has trained at Elijah House. She has completed a Masters and a Doctorate of Practical Ministry at Wagner Leadership Institute

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Available Now!

dancing book 02Dancing With God - A new book by Marcia Vogl

Designed to be a step by step tool to break off blocks, burdens and barriers standing in the way of our spiritual intimacy.

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The Path Forward

The Path Forward"I believe everyone has a God given destiny. Our greatest joy is to walk in that destiny." Marcia Vogl.

I have written the book, The Path Forward as a basic manual for Christians to proceed on their journey, I find that mentoring and nurturing are still important ingredients for success.

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Individual Prayer Sessions

Two-hour Individual prayer sessions are confidential meetings at which time individual concerns are submitted to prayer through counseling and interaction with the Holy Spirit. These sessions are by appointment in person or via Skype.

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Mentoring Meetings

Held every Tuesday evening at 7 pm. The meetings are now via Skype with teaching and group interaction. Members are encouraged to use their insights and spiritual gifts in a safe environment under supervision and share in the fellowship of prayer and worship.

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Mary/Martha Suppers

Held on the first Friday evening of each month, currently through Skpe, women gather to engage in fellowship, teaching and ministry. This is a time focused on challenges today’s women face and how to meet them.

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Workshops are designed to develop a person’s faith, purpose, and skills in maintaining a balanced godly life in everyday circumstances. You can view videos of past workshops on this website. Upcoming workshops are open to the public and are announced via email and on this website.

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