How to Honor Father and Mother

Training Resources for Groups and Individuals

Bethany Projects has an extensive and growing catalog of teaching resources that can be used in a group or individual setting. These teaching resources are available in video, audio and as written articles.

The newest additions to the training catalog are a series of workshops presented by Marcia Vogl. Recent topics covered include: Family restoration and reparation; Restoring right relationships and transforming future relationships; How to honor Father and Mother; Healing parental hurts; Healing the pain of divorce for divorced persons and children of divorced parents; How to Pray for children – foster and adopted children & those with childhood trauma; Breaking agreements made with fear; Forgiving yourself and forgiving God; Breaking the hindrances of inner vows; and How to avoid judgment.

All of Marcia’s workshops provide equipping and direct prayer ministry. You will learn how to apply spiritual insights and how to pray effectively over issues covered during each session. Complete workshops are available in video format. Marica's workshops are for those seeking God for a breakthrough, and it’s not therapy.

To see the full list of available resources click here: Training Resources or begin your journey to new levels of freedom by watching this month's featured workshop "How to Honor Father and Mother" or click the button below to see all the Workshop Videos. button workshop videos


Our entire catalog of audio, video and written training resources are free to use. Start learning the biblical principles of living a life of joy and freedom.

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30 Days for Family Reconciliation is a guided devotional with seven touch points to help you reconcile with your family members.

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Get connected for mentoring through Individual Prayer Sessions, Monthly Mentoring Meetings, Mary/Martha Suppers, and Workshops. Current Event Schedules.

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Individual Prayer Sessions

Two-hour Individual prayer sessions are confidential meetings at which time individual concerns are submitted to prayer through counseling and interaction with the Holy Spirit. These sessions are by appointment in person or via Skype.

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Mentoring Meetings

Held every Tuesday evening at 7 pm. You may participate via Skype or in person for teaching and group interaction. Members are encouraged to use their insights and spiritual gifts in a safe environment under supervision and share in the fellowship of prayer and worship.

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Mary/Martha Suppers

Held on the first Friday evening of each month, currently through Skpe, women gather to engage in fellowship, teaching and ministry. This is a time focused on challenges today’s women face and how to meet them.

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Workshops are designed to develop a person’s faith, purpose, and skills in maintaining a balanced godly life in everyday circumstances. You can view videos of past workshops on this website. Upcoming workshops are open to the public and are announced via email and on this website.

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