Ministry Reviews

Thank you Marcia for truly changing my life through the power of the Holy Spirit and the Lord’s
guidance. I now have a way out of resentment and taking hold of my emotions. I listened to the
Emotions podcast and your Frisbee analogy was so powerful. You are a game changer and I am
forever grateful! Thank you for being on this journey with me.

Through the supper/prayer times at her home, weekend workshops, and the individual
appointments, Marcia's insights and prayerful exhortations always move you toward a deeper
understanding and relationship with God.

I started attending the Mary/Martha Suppers in early 2015. Marcia’s teaching and prayer ministry
has transformed my life like never before. Her mentoring has shown me how to pray, creating a
more intimate relationship with the Lord. I have experienced positive changes in family
relationships, work relationships, finances, and spiritual freedom. Thank you Marcia. You have
been such a blessing to me and my family.

Marcia, thank you for being sensitive to Holy Spirit to pray the Free Masonry deliverance prayer.
My ability to hear the Lord was opened. I started getting answers and downloads from the Father.
A floodgate that was stopped up for years now flows free. I'm so grateful for you Marcia! I'm so
excited for the days ahead to see how this affects my day to day life.
Love you dearly,


Marcia’s ministry has completely transformed my life. Through personal ministry time and Holy
Spirit-led mentoring prayer. I have experienced a whole new level of freedom in my life. I highly
recommend this ministry if you are serious about improving your spiritual health!

Marcia has taught me how to listen more closely to the Holy Spirit in how to think, speak, and
pray in regards to my life, my family, and the world around me.

So blessed to have Marcia Vogl in my life. We have been having private prayers for about 3
years.  My life has changed.  The lies of the enemy, that have hindered me for many years, have
been exposed and I have gained freedom.
Lennae Weimer