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Marcia's Blog

Blogging is a time of sharing.  I will be sharing with you stories from my own life that have the marks of the hand of God.  Do you believe in angels?  You just might after some of these encounters.  Some are from everyday events, and some are about life changing times.  May you be encouraged and blessed as you read these.

God: Jenny, bake your best peach pie and give it to your boss.

Jenny: That old grouch!! Why should I give him anything? All he does is complain. Nobody likes him. He goes around scowling at everybody.

God: (silence)

Jenny: He might think I’m kissing up for a raise. That would not be good.

God: I told you what to do.

Jenny: I’ll have think about it. (She bakes the pie and next morning gives it to her boss.)

Jenny: Morning Mr. Copper (Grouch). I baked you a pie.

Copper: Did you think it was my birthday or something?

Jenny: No, but it can be if you want to make it so.

Copper: (Looking at the pie, tears begin to well up.)

Jenny: Is something wrong with the pie? You don’t like peach?

Copper: I lost my wife a year ago and tomorrow is my birthday. I told God “I wanted a piece of my wife’s peach pie for my birthday?” Of course I knew that was impossible but He brought me the peach pie through you.

Jenny: He loves you very much. He did the impossible for you.

Copper: I’ll never doubt His love again.

Jenny: Happy Birthday!

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