God is My Travel Agent - Part 3

Now for transportation around Honolulu. The online car rental company had an option called “wild card” in which the rental company would give you whatever car they had most available when you arrived for a price of under $200 for 12 days. Upon our arrival in Honolulu the most available car was a red minivan. At first I didn’t want it because parking in Honolulu is very difficult for large cars, but the price for a smaller car was much more expensive per day. I reluctantly accepted the minivan. Little did I know, we would need this minivan to move Mom’s belongings out of her apartment over the next few days. Because we had the minivan, we completed the move in two days with very few trips. The Lord knew I would need this and prepared the way.

Meanwhile, our oldest son was in Thailand finishing up a summer trip. He had to reroute his travel through Honolulu to be there for the funeral. Because this was due to a death in the family, his trip insurance covered the flight change cost of $2000. Another God provision.

Mom had some very nice clothing she wore to social events. In the past when I had tried them on, they were too large for me even though we were about the same size. This time, while going through her clothing sizes that ranged from small, medium, 6 and 8 now fit me. I had not gotten any taller or fatter. How can all those sizes fit me now? It’s a miracle. I came away with a new wardrobe.