God is My Travel Agent - Part 2

Upon Mom’s death on September 1, I again had to make travel arrangements to Hawaii. My husband and I would leave in three days and stay until September 17 to help take care of Mom’s legal and personal business. I had a coupon for four nights in a hotel given to us by Shell Vacations expiring on September 17 which we thought we would never get to use. There were rules about booking at least 30 days in advance, and wait two weeks for a confirmation before making travel arrangements. I explained our situation to the agent and told her we were going to Hawaii anyway and would like to make the reservation effective immediately. The agent managed to book us for Sept 13-17 at the Aqua Palms Hotel with immediate confirmation. I then booked the same hotel online for the remainder of the trip at a reasonable rate for the rest of the family. The hotel accommodated us so we could be together on the same floor.

Again, we needed a flight in less than 7 days. I managed to find a fare convenient to us for $577 where most flights were going for $800+ over this Labor Day week.  The flight to Hawaii was very empty so we each had a whole row of seats to ourselves to stretch out. On the flight home, no one was in the middle seat between us making it very comfortable in economy.

To be continued…