Ministry Reviews

Marcia Vogl has changed the lives of many, including mine. From the supper/prayer times at her home to her weekend workshops to the individual appointments, Marcia's insights and prayerful exhortations always move you toward a deeper understanding and relationship with God.

I started attending the Mary/Martha Suppers in early 2015 and was blessed to have individual prayer sessions with Marcia. Marcia’s teaching and prayer ministry has transformed my life like never before. Her investment in time and mentoring has shown me how to pray, which has been instrumental in creating a more intimate relationship with the Lord. As a result, I have experienced positive change in the areas of family relationships, work relationships, finances, and spiritual freedom. Thank you Marcia for your sacrifice and service – you have been such a blessing to me and my family.

Marcia, I wanted to thank you for the prayer session yesterday and being sensitive to Holy Spirit to pray the Free Masonry deliverance prayer. I got a breakthrough last night and I believe it has to do with praying this prayer with you yesterday. My ability to hear the Lord very clearly was opened up to me. I started getting answers to questions and downloads from the Father. I went to sleep last night with so much peace and clarity of current issues that were greatly troubling me. I feel I now have a greater ability to put all my trust in the Lord. All morning I have been getting downloads from the Father. He's talking to me about different things and giving me scriptures to go along with it. It's like a floodgate of stuff being released that was stopped up for years now free to flow.
I'm so grateful for you Marcia! It has been a long journey for me and I am so excited about this dialogue with the Father. Months ago the Lord spoke to me the words..."it all adds up". He was encouraging me on my journey to freedom. I can see those words right now starting to manifest. I'm so excited for today and the days ahead to see how this affects my day to day life.

Just wanted to share this with you.
Love you dearly,

Marcia’s ministry has completely transformed my life. Through personal ministry time , and Holy Spirit-led mentoring prayer. I have experienced a whole new level of freedom in my life. If you are serious about improving your spiritual health, I highly recommend this ministry!