Do Signs and Wonders

I heard Dutch Sheets prophesy in September at the Head of the Year 2775 Conference at Glory of Zion that God is releasing new mantles of signs, wonders, and healings.  My spirit leaped and quickly came into agreement with it.  I then recalled my first experience many years ago with healing miracles.

I was a newly spirit-filled Christian in 1986 watching others being prayed for and receiving prayer myself.  This was a new world to me so I was very excited and curious. There were stories about people laying hands and praying for the sick bringing miraculous healing.

ne day, the daughter of my cleaning lady Maria, informed me that her mother was in the hospital and would not be coming to clean for a while.  I immediately went to the hospital to visit her.  Since I went so quickly, I don’t remember taking any gift or card or anything.  She lay in the bed telling me that the doctors said she had stomach cancer and would have to undergo surgery, radiation, chemo, and all kinds of rehab over a long period of time.

I asked, “Do you want me to pray for you?”  She readily agreed.

So I did what I saw other people do.  I took one hand in mine and laid my other hand on her head.  I prayed in tongues and asked Jesus to heal her.  I can’t say I was full of faith or felt anointed.  In any case, she said she felt her body tingling.  I thought, “That’s great!”

A couple days later, I planned to visit her again but learn she went home.  When I called her at home, she said “I’m well.  No more cancer!”  I could hardly believe it.  She said after I prayed, her body tingled overnight, and by the next morning she knew she was healed and checked herself out.  She went to the doctor who verified “no cancer.”

Maria is a woman of great faith so I won’t say I was the one who brought healing to her.  But I can say, God gave me the honor of being the one to pray to let Him heal her.  This was the greatest encouragement I had in beginning to pray for healing with laying on of hands.  To this day Maria encourages me by telling everyone I was the one who prayed for her healing.

Yes, Lord.  I want to do it again and more.