Let’s Ride

lets rideI was watching an old John Wayne movie.  In the final scene, the “bad guys” barricaded the town with wagons, barrels, flour sacks, etc. to keep the “good guys” from entering to rescue the hostages.  A cattle stampede was directed through the town making the barricaded worthless.  The “good guys” were riding their horses with the stampede and rescued the hostages in addition to taking out the “bad guys.”  Those who resisted the stampede were injured or killed.

Things are changing very quickly.  The Lord is going to break down barricades of our hearts and our works that are not pleasing to him.  There will be signs and wonders, and “suddenlies”.  Things that we thought were immovable, He will move.  Government will shift.  Old mind sets have to give way.  It will be like a stampede of glory.  It would be foolish to resist.  As the ole cowboy said, “LET’S RIDE!”