The Wang Family - Part 4

The Wang Family’s trip to our home changed their lives in ways none of us could have predicted.  A dream of ever traveling to the USA turned into a whole world paradigm shift.

Their oldest son returned to college in another state.  He wrote to tell me he connected up with a student Christian group and was involved in a church.  He soon married his sweetheart from homeland China and brought her to the USA where she also became a Christian.  Seven years later, he now has an IT career in New York and they have a new baby.

Kim joined a Bible study group in the home of a missionary.  She herself was also a teacher so connected up with other teachers.  Although I tried to send her video teachings by email, they were blocked.  She found a new job and became a certified to teach Chinese internationally.  She has travelled to the USA several times since.

Meanwhile, young Alex, the one who went to church camp, said he wanted to grow up as an American teenager.  His goal was to be a foreign exchange high school student in the USA.  He studied hard to improve his English language skills, passed the required exams, and was accepted to a private Catholic school.  He was “adopted” by a loving family and had “brothers and a sister” in his new family.  With China’s one-child policy, he never had a sibling to grow up with.  An American family with brothers and sister was beyond his wildest dreams.  This was a real joy to him.

Husband Jason came to the USA with his family initially because he didn’t want to be left out.  He was leery about being in America fearing he’d starve.  His only experience with American food in China was Pizza Hut.  After this trip, he came to like American food and was amazed we have good Chinese food here as well.  He loved looking at cars, new and old, Las Vegas, and freedom of going all over the country despite faltering English language.  He even spent a month on the east coast with his oldest son thereafter.

Alex is now in college in the USA living his dream.

We should never underestimate how the Lord uses us to change the course of people’s lives.

wang family 4