God is My Travel Agent - Part 1

In July 2013, my sister called to tell me Mom was being admitted to hospice as her health was deteriorating and she had had a serious emergency room episode.  At that I decided that I would go visit her for what might be the last time while she was living. Our daughter Stephanie said she would like to go also and take the children (mom’s great grandchildren, ages 5 and 2) for a last visit. Since I was buying plane tickets to Hawaii on short notice, the tickets were at their most expensive rate. Not going was not an option. I decided to check into using my frequent flyer miles in exchange. When I got on the website to book the ticket, I noticed the first class seat required the same number of miles as the economy seat. Thinking there was some mistake, I called the airline to inquire. I was told, what I saw was correct and there were four seats available in first class. I quickly booked them with the click of the mouse. Had they been available, we could have also returned first class but had to return economy class. Four first class seats for $5 each was gift from heaven.

I proceeded to make arrangements for us to stay at the Hawaii Kai guest apartments. With my son also joining the visit, there would be 4 adults and 2 kids to share what usually accommodates only 2 adults plus a roll away bed. As my sister would lend us futons mattresses for the children to sleep on the floor we could make do for a few nights. When I explained this to guest coordinator at the residence where mom stayed, she said she would permit it because we were only staying five days but we had to pay $10 a day more for food for the adults. Six of us stayed for $120 a day all means and parking included!

It was a blessed time as we were able to celebrate Mom’s 93rd birthday with a quiet family only lunch. She was surprised yet happy that we all came to see her. We were able to give love and say good-bye for the last time. It was bitter sweet but joyful giving us all closure.

To be continued…