Mission & Vision

Mission visionThe Threefold Mission

Is to minister deliverance and freedom through the power of the cross of Jesus Christ; to disciple with Biblical principles applied to life choices; and to mentor Christians who are actively engaged in taking Christ into the world to influence their environment. “Bethany Projects” are programs designed to carry out the command of Jesus at the tomb of Lazarus to "unbind" and revive by the power of Jesus Christ those who have been spiritually and emotionally bound. (John 11:43-44). Unbinding includes deliverance from old ways, old habits, and old thinking. Bethany projects address both the issues of deliverance and forward steps to Kingdom living. Mentoring is key to walking in deliverance. God is calling you to live supernaturally in your natural environment.



The vision is to assist Christians to fulfill the purposes God intended for them in their home, workplace, church, and community. Using live speaking engagements, teaching, online webinars, personal prayer ministry (online or in person), and audio/ video offerings, this Ministry moves trans-denominationally offering training and coaching to launch leaders and others to mentor in Biblical principles.

Bethany Projects Is in partnership with Hidden Christ Ministries (Rita Langeland, founder) bringing a dimension of personal prayer ministry, teaching, and mentoring.