Where Do You Fit In?

rose parade

I was watching the New Year’s Day Rose Parade on television as I have done for several years.  There were a few years when I braved the California early morning cold and mid morning sunshine to make the trek to Pasadena to watch the parade curbside.  The pre-parade telecast interviewed people who had worked on the parade all year long with planning and preparing.  Many volunteers spent the last week gluing flowers and seeds on the floats.  Of course there were throngs of people cheering, having a great time enjoying the work of a few not to mention the millions, like me watching from the comfort of the sofa and snacks.  All of these people represent the different levels of interest in the Rose Parade—from dedication to spectator.

It occurred to me the kingdom of heaven seems to have the same spectrum of participants.

There were probably many who saw Jesus throughout his life.  But what about those who had encounters?  Jesus fed 5,000.  He fed 4,000 at another time.  He appeared to 500 after the resurrection. Only 120 gather in the upper room.  A small group of women supported him as ministry partners.  There were 12 apostles who were selected to lead.  There were 3 who were his intimate friends.

As a member of the Kingdom of Heaven, where do you stand?  Are you among the 5000 or 4000 who were curious and got a free meal?  Are you among the 500 who happen to be in the right place at the right time?  Did you make it to the Upper Room?  Do you follow faithfully supporting the work of the Kingdom?  Perhaps you are selected for leadership.  Did you answer the call?  How intimate are you with your Lord and Savior?

The Kingdom of Heaven is more than a parade.