What does Victory look like?

Victory is final and complete supremacy in a battle either over an opponent or obstacles. There are victories in elections, boxing matches, or even illness. One thing we know for sure is that there is contending before victory. Victory is not automatic nor are we to be passive and wait for it to “happen.” God promises us victory but that victory is assured only when we are in the will and timing of God in the earth realm.

There are three things to remember about God’s victory.

  1. God decides who, where, when, what and how. That is his sovereignty. It is too easy for us to try to dictate when the victory should happen. We can get discouraged, impatient, and even angry because it did not happen the way we envisioned it.
  2. He speaks, we obey, and the victory is assured. Wait until God speaks. Double guessing God is a sure way of delaying or waylaying your victory.
  3. We only enter into victory by obedience of faith. Jesus entered victory when he obediently went to the cross. Not all obedience takes us to the cross, but we sometimes offer God “alternatives” for achieving our victory. Obey.

What comes with Christ’s victory?

  1. Salvation gives us enlargement and deliverance from sin and death. Through repentance and forgiveness, sin no longer can entangle our lives.
  2. Righteousness brings personal quality & integrity that guarantees victory. It is possible to live in righteousness because the wages of sin are removed. Repentance and forgiveness makes us blameless therefore in right standing with God.
  3. Peace gives us enjoyment of total well-being—health, financial, mental, emotional, intellectual, etc . To be “at” peace, means to be in right standing and alignment with God. The circumstances may be in an upheaval but we can be still enjoy total well-being.

We are more than conquerors through Him…, we are HEIRS. Conquerors take over territory that was not theirs, subdue it, and fashion it to their own plan.

Something has to change for conquest to endure. Heirs take back what was rightfully theirs and restore the territory to the greatness that was originally meant to be in God’s plan. As warriors in Christ, we take back the earth that is the Lord’s and restore it to the glory of the Father. Take back your health, and restore it. Take back your family, and restore it. Take back your financial wealth, and restore it. Take back your mind, and restore it to the mind of Christ.