Think of Yourself - Part 2

Romans 12:11-13

When you look in the mirror, remember, this is the person you have to face every day. What’s inside of you? Paul tells us what we need inside. Romans 12:11-12

  1. Keep spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. When we keep focused on the fact that we serve the Lord instead of men, it’s easier to keep spiritual fervor because He supplies the energy and zeal to us. If you are waning in spiritual fervor, ask yourself “Who am I serving?” Myself or others or the Lord?
  2. Be joyful in hope. Hope points to something in the future. “I hope I pass the test. I hope I get well soon. I hope today will be more relaxed. I hope my children are safe. Etc.” These are good simple hopes, but they can be bogged down with fear, anxiety, and even depression. We need to be JOYFUL in hope, not just hope. Be filled with positive expection.
  3. Be patient in affliction. Life will have ups and downs. It is how we ride the waves that makes the difference. To be patient in affliction means to surf the waves of affliction and not be overcome by it. Willingness to wait on the Lord will be your surf board. A surfer does not manufacture waves. He waits for them.
  4. Be faithful in prayer. Prayer can be hard work. It takes discipline and determinationFaithful in prayer does not mean keep complaining and reminding God what we want or need. Faithful in prayer means to keep putting our relationship with Him first and seeking His face.

If you find yourself lacking in these things, repent of filling up with other things like busyness, distraction, anxiety, fear, and even self judgment. Make room for spiritual fervor, joy, patience, and faithfulness. These are choices we make.

To be continued...