The Wang Family - Part 3

During the Wang family’s visit in our home, we would start the day with breakfast on the patio and I would say grace before the meal. Up to now I didn’t really push the evangelism thing on them.  I just wanted them to know we were genuine in our friendship.  They observed how our family worked.  The joy and prosperity that was ours, and our willingness to share our home with them was the only preaching we did.

One morning, Kim asked me to explain what Jesus means.  She had heard her son talk about how wonderful it was at camp but they could not understand it all and he could not explain to them the joy he had.  Kim was the only one who could speak English and everything has to be translated for the rest of the family.

I began explaining how God created everything and man made a mess of it.  God then sent Jesus to set us straight but that was not automatic.  Each one had to acknowledge Jesus so that He could work wonders in our lives.  I kept it all as simple as I could to answer their questions.  At the end, they all agreed that they wanted Jesus in their lives too.  At the breakfast table I led them in prayer to accept Jesus  into their lives.

They were excited to learn more so we talked about reading the Bible.  That would be a problem in China as Bibles were banned.

wang family 3

Breakfast on the patio that changed their lives.

To be continued…