The Wang Family - Part 1

In 2007, my husband and I went to Xian, China for three weeks as Global Volunteers to teach conversational English in Rainbow  School in Xianyang.  While there, we were assigned an English speaking guide who would go with us daily as translator and interpreter.  Kim Wang, was herself a teacher and quite knowledgeable of the customs and ways of the city.  Each morning she and the driver would meet us at our hotel to take us on the days adventures.  We taught at a different grade level each day with a hosted lunch by the school administrators.  The ride to the school was an hour and a half so there was plenty of time to talk and get acquainted.

When we first got into the car, we looked for the seat belts. There were none to be found.  This was a new mini-van, so we asked for them.  We were told by the driver that we didn’t need them because we were in the back seat.  Also Kim assured us he was a good driver.  Having been in an auto accident in Cambodia (another blog adventure), we insisted the seat belts be retrieved from under the seat so we could use them.  From our observation of the traffic, back seat and good driver were not guarantees of safety.

On the weekends, we were supposed to explore on our own but Kim insisted that she and her husband take us around so of course we accepted.  Not being able to communicate in Chinese would make us vulnerable to all sorts of misadventures.

After our stay in Xian, we invited Kim to the USA to stay with us in California.  Of course she said it was a dream of hers but doubted she would ever be able to.

Less than a year later, I received an email from Kim saying she was coming to the USA with her husband and son.  Could they stay with us?  Of course, that would be fine.  The next email said she was bringing her sister, and her son in the USA was coming to join them for a total of five people.  Could they all stay at our home?  Yes.  How long will they be staying?  Six weeks.

wang family 1