Road Trip Rescue - Part 2

By the time we got into Fresno, the Volkswagon dealer was already closed and we would have to wait until Tuesday as Monday was a holiday, which is why we were on this trip in the first place.  We proceeded with our plans for the weekend driving the car carefully going only short a distances at a time to.  We had a good time checking out museums and visiting with relatives.

Since work and school resumed on Tuesday, we decided to take the chance driving 350 miles home with a possible break down again.  We drove carefully, stopping at rest stops to let the car cool off.  We made it home without a incident.

On Tuesday, I took the car to the dealer to be fixed.  We were told that the part had to be ordered.  It would take a week.  The makeshift fix that was done was very good and it would be safe to drive the car carefully for the week until the new part arrived.

These questions popped up in my mind.

Where did the AAA rescue car come from?  How did the tow truck driver get there so fast?  How did that young mechanic know how to fix a car he never worked on before?  Who were those people who followed us to Fresno giving us cover?  How did we get home without another breakdown?

God only knows!  Angels watching over me.