Peach Pie Gospel

God: Jenny, bake your best peach pie and give it to your boss.

Jenny: That old grouch!! Why should I give him anything? All he does is complain. Nobody likes him. He goes around scowling at everybody.

God: (silence)

Jenny: He might think I’m kissing up for a raise. That would not be good.

God: I told you what to do.

Jenny: I’ll have think about it. (She bakes the pie and next morning gives it to her boss.)

Jenny: Morning Mr. Copper (Grouch). I baked you a pie.

Copper: Did you think it was my birthday or something?

Jenny: No, but it can be if you want to make it so.

Copper: (Looking at the pie, tears begin to well up.)

Jenny: Is something wrong with the pie? You don’t like peach?

Copper: I lost my wife a year ago and tomorrow is my birthday. I told God “I wanted a piece of my wife’s peach pie for my birthday?” Of course I knew that was impossible but He brought me the peach pie through you.

Jenny: He loves you very much. He did the impossible for you.

Copper: I’ll never doubt His love again.

Jenny: Happy Birthday!