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Marcia's Blog

Marcia's Blog

Blogging is a time of sharing.  I will be sharing with you stories from my own life that have the marks of the hand of God.  Do you believe in angels?  You just might after some of these encounters.  Some are from everyday events, and some are about life changing times.  May you be encouraged and blessed as you read these.

Prepare for Rewards of Heaven

We do not earn rewards in the Kingdom of God, we prepare for the rewards of the Kingdom. The kinds of consequences or rewards will be based on how behaved. Here are examples found in the Scriptures.

Matt 24:1-45

The Servant who is found doing what he is supposed to be doing will be entrusted with many possessions.

The servant who becomes wicked, mistreats the servants, and not carry out his duties, thus betraying the Lord’s trust will be decimated. He will be assigned with the hypocrites where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. (torture?)


Matt 25:1-13

5 wise Virgins, 5 foolish Virgins

All were Virgins so the issue is not whether they were pure or not. The wise ladies prepared for the long haul. They prepared for relationship with the Lord. The foolish prepared only for the moment.

The reward for the Wise was to enter the banquet of relationship with the Bridegroom .

The reward for the Foolish was being cut off from relationship when the door closed


Matt 25:14-30

Parable of the Talents. A man entrusted property to servants in various quantities according to their abilities. There were no instructions on increasing it. They were to use their abilities to figure out what to do. If one multiplies the gift, more will be given. If not multiplied, it will be taken away and given to another who can multiply.

Those who do not use what they are given to multiply are given to the dominion of Satan.


Matt 25:30-46

How you treat others will determine whether you are a sheep or goat. Sheep serve others with kindness. Goats do not serve others with kindness but ignore the needs of others. The inheritance for the sheep was prepared before the world began.

Goats are cursed into eternal fire (hell) with devil and his minions.


Jesus is talking about judgment. He is giving the parameters of judgment.

  1. Are you doing your assignment with integrity? Don’t get lazy. Don’t believe the lie of the enemy that the Lord forgot about you and actually won’t come. Holiness and righteousness are essential. The reward is great if you stay faithful.
  2. Opportunity will come to those who are ready to be in relationship with the Lord. When He comes, there will only be a window of opportunity to enter the banquet with Him. Prepare and be ready.
  3. You will be judged according to whether you are using your gifts and abilities. The reward hinges on that. Don’t believe the lie that “the Lord does not expect much from you. Just do what is easy and convenient.” Judged on how you use your opportunities. Have you taken your opportunities to serve others seriously? The reward is either heaven or hell.
  4. Jesus didn’t die on the cross just so you can get your ticket into heaven. He died so that you can fulfill the destiny that God created you for. The destiny set for you is not only for you, but for the sake of the whole world. You may not feel important, but you are set to influence someone who is or needs your support. You may be the math teacher that inspires the next physicist, or the music teacher of the next opera diva. Don’t sell yourself short.

In Matthew 25, Jesus tells us what the laws are, what is expected, and what are the consequences good or bad. He is talking about judgment.