No Stumbling

I Peter 1

When we stumble, we are in a precarious situation. Will we fall? Will we make it? Will we recover? Of course we would like life to go on smoothly. Peter tells us how we can take steps so we will never stumble.

Too often we immediately apply our faith to only love and wonder why we cannot stand firmly without stumbling. It seems there are characteristics we need to add to our faith and develop the ability to love God’s way.

Add Goodnes: Goodness is moral excellence; virtue, kindly feeling, kindness, generosity, and excellence of quality. Whatever you do, do it in excellence—not perfection but of high standard.

Add Perseverance: Be steady in a course of action despite obstacles and discouragement.

Add Self Discipline: Take control and responsibility for your own behavior and steps to improve yourself in any area.

Add Godliness: Reflect the character of God.

All these things shore up love. If we have these things, then we will never stumble because we will be anchored in the character of Jesus as well as the love of Jesus.