Looking for Miracles

John 6:26

Jesus told the people that they were seeking him because they ate the bread in the feeding of the 5,000. They were seeking the benefits of the miracle. He wanted them to see him as the miracle.

In their dullness, they asked for a miracle so they could believe in him. The miracle would not be a proof. They were still one step away. Jesus said I would be able to do miracles but that would not make me the Messiah.

Jesus said He was the bread of Life. Eating his flesh would be the act of repenting. We would be exchanging our fleshly desires for godly desires.

Jesus said to drink his blood would be accepting forgiveness and forgiving others. When we drink his blood we are washed clean.

How often we hear the phrase about a relative, “He is my flesh and blood, I cannot reject him.” So it is with Jesus. If we eat his flesh and blood, we become his relative and he cannot reject us.

If you pray and request “stuff”, you may be disappointed.

If you ask for a miracle for yourself, you may be disappointed.

If you repent and forgive, you will not be disappointed because your forgiveness is secured on the cross.

What does Jesus do without fail?

Forgive repented sin and receive a contrite heart.

What could you do to show that you believe in Jesus?

Repent and leave the life of sin.