A Truck For All Reasons

As the production manager of the Orange County master Chorale, partnered with a stage coordinator.  One day at our meeting we said “Let’s pray for big truck” as it was very difficult coordinating individual trucks, station wagons, and cars to transport all our equipment for the concerts.  So we made a list of what we wanted in the truck:  a hydraulic lift, 27X8 feet to hold our risers, music stands, sound equipment, and stage props, and free as we did not have money to buy one.

At the next chorale rehearsal meeting, we announced that we were looking for a truck with these features for our production transporting.  One of the members came up and said although he didn’t have truck, he had the appropriate license to drive such a vehicle and was ready to help anytime.  Another member said his company had a “dead” one in their bone yard. They didn’t know what to do with it as they had replaced all their trucks.  He thought it would work with a new battery and maybe some tuning up.  They would donate it to us.

The son of another member was a mechanic who agreed to check it out to see if it would work.  He owned a gas station that had parking space. We could park it there if we allowed his Boy Scout troop to use it when we were not using it.  What a deal!

truckThis was not the end of our challenges.  Insurance on the truck would costly for usage of only four times a year.  Just as we thought we had to say “thanks but no thanks,” the Boy Scout leader said they were looking for the same kind of truck for their weekly scout projects.  If we would allow it, the Boy Scouts of America would accept the truck as donation to them.  They could give the company the tax write off.  Since they would own the truck they would carry the insurance. In return they would allow us to use it four times a year as needed.

We got the free use of a truck and driver four times a year. The Boy Scouts got their truck for weekly projects.  The company unloaded a truck useless to them.

With God, everyone wins!  He is our Provider.